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http://jeremiahstaproom.co.uk/?violeta=libra-woman-dating-aries-man&a35=81 (Pictured: Russell Kennedy providing technical training at Harvest Tyres field day.)

binäre optionen how to Recently our resident technical advisor Russell Kennedy was featured in Crop Gear magazine, a leading rural Australian machinery publication. He was interviewed on the important subject of correct tyre pressure.

http://adamsisco.com/?mikity=r2e-rencontres-entreprises-enseignants&7d7=1c According to Russell “Your tyre is designed to have a certain shape under load and if the tyre is over-inflated the result is a smaller footprint, causing increased soil compaction and a rougher ride. It can also lead to rapid wear and/or tyre failure".

http://hpgnetwork.com/remombo/4588 Under-inflation or too little air in a tyre is also a problem and can lead to sidewall cracking, bead cracking and tread lugs becoming torn around the edge as well as higher fuel usage.

neue leute in meiner stadt kennenlernen Russell says that "all too often, tyre dealers and farmers fail to take into account the many variables that need to be considered before deciding on air pressures". He also notes while many tyre dealers and farmers set thier pressure correctly, often they are not adjusted when the machinery's use or application changes. Including switching from field use to road use and pulling different implements. 

useful reference Variables that should be considered include a tractor’s weight splits, the weight of attachments, the loads placed on the drawbar or three-point linkage, the job being undertaken, and the operational speed of the tractor i.e. field and or road applications.

florida no dating policy One of the biggest misconceptions, say the experts, is that tyres carry the load. As Russell has told us all at Harvest Tyres “Air carries the load”. While this may seem like a simple point its importance cannot be overstated. For this reason amongst many others Russell recommends speaking to your tyre manufacturer about the correct pressure to run in your tyre for your application.

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Read the original feature in Crop Gear magazine here.


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