Self Propelled Sprayer Pressure Perfection

The importance of correct tyre pressure is critical to safe and efficient tyre operation but getting your pressures right can be a complicated process. Harvest Tyres know the challenges that customers face when they try and calculate tyre pressures for themselves. Currently, all tyre manufacturers provide a recommended maximum load and pressure, however, this advice is general. Because of this, your specific optimum tyre pressure may be different to your neighbour, even if you have the same equipment and similar work. Likewise, you may require one pressure for road work and another for field service. When you factor all of this in it can become confusing and difficult for the average person to get their tyre pressures just right.

At Harvest Tyres we know the importance of correct tyre pressure which is why we offer a free tyre pressure calculation service to all of our customers. Our engineers and technical team take advanced measurements, factor in your unique work, soil and tyre requirements and set your vehicle up with the correct pressure.

“There is no question that running the optimum tyre pressure for a given load will prolong tyre life and this is especially important on machinery where there are considerable load spikes, for example with harvesters, sprayers and chaser bins,” Matt Petersen, Eastern Original Equipment Manager – Harvest Tyres.

Because many self-propelled sprayer operators perform a combination of road and field work, they often require two different tyre pressures in the same day, one pressure for road service and another for field service. When Spray contractor John Heggie approached us to help improve his vehicle’s tyre performance we couldn’t have been happier to help.

Harvest Tyres technical team visited John and measured his machine, the weight on each tyre, his typical usage and the load he carries. Harvest concluded that he required a higher pressure for road service and lower pressure for field service.

“Harvest Tyres have been really helpful. Not only in showing great interest in where we were going but [they] also came up and had a look at the machine and then came back as part of the installation process.” “[Harvest Tyres] were able to get some really great details; weights with the machine loaded and in the shed… Harvest tyres have been great”, said John Heggie.

After discussing how he operated on a day to day basis we realised that changing pressure on the move would not be suitable for John and his business. To overcome this challenge a unique solution was proposed. An inflation system was added to John’s sprayer which allowed him to automatically inflate and deflate his tyres to two set pressures, 45psi for road and 25psi for field. Now john can run the optimum pressure for his Harvest Tyres no matter where he works and he’s never been happier.

 “It all runs off the sprayer’s standard air system and it has the added benefit of being able to monitor tyre pressure as well. There’s a built-in isolation protection system too so if you get a puncture in a tyre, the others will not deflate.” Mr. Heggie stated.  

John said the simplicity of installation and the support from Harvest Tyres had been fantastic. 

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