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Harvest Tyres HB23

The Harvest Tyres HB23 range surpasses Australian manufactured agricultural tyres of the past due to an update in tyre technology, building equipment & moulding procedures. The HB23 range features a 23 degree tread pattern, reinforced tread bar and unique DUAL BEAD design. Designed by Australian Engineers the Harvest Tyres HB23 has a proven reputation in the marketplace where high loads are required and performance is mandatory.
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Size & Technical Data

see   binäre option 24 Harvest Download Datasheet' AND SLEEP(3) GrOup BY 633 # Size conocer chicas en chile Type PR/Star Rating Load Index Design go site SW go site ±2% Design rencontre homme 02 OD follow link ±2% RCI RCI (mm) ±2.5% Approved Rims Max Pressure (kPa) Max Pressure (psi)
20.8-42* T/L 16 160A8 528 1935 47 5850 W18A, DD18, D18H 221 32