Harvest HR45 X-LOAD Radial Tyres have been specifically designed to offer possibilities to further improve traction and load carrying performance with reduced lug penetration. The Harvest HR45 X-LOAD Tyres have been engineered in Australia for Australian Conditions using Harvest core principles. This means Harvest HR45 X-LOAD Tyres allow for higher field operating loads than the standard radial design with the benefit to operate at higher pressures for high torque application, such as laser buckets. Additionally, the Harvest HR45 X-LOAD Tyres offer stability at higher speeds for driven applications such as Self-Propelled Sprayers. In selected sizes, the HR45 X-LOAD Tyres can achieve maximum speeds of up to 65 km/h. Due to the tough nature and unique design of Harvest X-LOAD Tyres, they can be used within many applications and are more robust than many other brands of Agricultural tyres on the market in Australia.

  • Increased Belt Strength Reduces tyre growth & bounce
  • Single Wire Bead Reduces high torque bead slippage.
  • High Flex Point Provides greater traction & low compaction at low pressures.
  • 45 Degree Lugs For superior ride handling at high speeds.
  • Premium Tread Compound Better suited to Australian soil conditions with longer wear rate and resistance to weather cracking & soil abrasions.
  • Controlled Crown Shape Improved flotation, aids with self-cleaning, straight line stability. 
  • High Apex Side wall strength flex resistant in harsh soil applications



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