Our challenge when designing the Harvest Tyres brand, is to stay innovative whilst being a leader within the agricultural tyre market. Using the latest technology and over 200 years’ experience, we have been able to produce Australia’s leading bias ply tyre range that is designed for Driven, Free Wheel and High Torque Applications.

  • Dual Bead (DB) Eliminates bead slip and increases strength, stability and load carrying capacity.
  • High Ply Turn-Up Increased sidewall strength and stability allowing for higher load carrying capacity.
  • Premium Tread Compound Better suited to Australian soil conditions with longer wear rate and resistance to weather cracking & soil abrasions.
  • Lug Dimensions by Tyre Size Each tyre size has unique pattern depth, lug width and number of lugs carefully determined by the application’s specific requirements.
  • Premium N66 Nylon Cord Achieves greater puncture resistance and reduced sidewall distortion.






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