HR45 – 80 SERIES

The Harvest Tyres range has continually improved over the past 13 years through feedback from our customers, manufactures and our Australian farmers. New generation farming equipment requires the highest performance and standard, and that is what we continue to deliver with the Harvest Radial Ranges. The core fundamental principles that create the Harvest Tyres brand remains the same regardless what tyre we construct and what the fit for purpose application is.

  • Single Wire Bead Reduces high torque bead slippage. The shape has been tailored to each tyre size and load index.
  • High Ply Turn-Up Increases sidewall strength and stability for higher load/ high torque carrying capacity.
  • 45 Degree Lugs Provide longer service life, greater traction and draw-bar pull, as well as reduced fuel consumption, better ride handling and smooth ride on hard soils and road transport.
  • Premium Tread Compound Better suited to Australian soil conditions with longer wear rate and resistance to weather cracking & soil abrasions.
  • Controlled Crown Shape Better flotation, aids with self-cleaning, straight line stability, easier cornering (less steering resistance).
  • Lug Dimensions by Tyre Size Each tyre size has unique pattern depth, lug width and number of lugs carefully determined by the application’s specific requirements.
  • High Apex Side wall torque flex resistant.



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