The Harvest HB Trojan & Sugar Daddy Tyres have been specifically designed for the harsh Grain & Sugar Cane Industries across New South Wales, Queensland and North Queensland.

The Harvest HB Trojan & Sugar Daddy Tyre is a world first trailer tyre, purpose built for high load haul out bins that can handle field & road configurations. The team of engineers at Harvest Tyres used their combined experience of over 200 years in engineering to design the HB Trojan & Sugar Daddy Tyres and is the ONLY trailer tyre that is designed to handle the Australian Sugar Cane industry.

Another Harvest Tyre engineered for local conditions.

  • Dual Bead Design (DB)     For extra casing stiffness required for sugar cane harvesting & road configurations
  • Crown Shape     To suit sugar cane, grain bins, field and road configurations
  • Multi Block Tread Pattern     Developed with wide grooves for water & mud clearance
  • Large Centre Tread Block     To provide straight line stability on road & easy to turn in field
  • Intelligent Block Design     Improved tread wear on hard surfaces. Good stability on soft surfaces
  • Open Tread Groove     To give grip on soft and loose surfaces. Stability across the whole tread area
  • Shoulder Lug Design     Provides an easy transition from field to road in wet or dry conditions









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