Our Harvest Trojan Tyre is the improved standard of New Generation Harvest Technology.

When the Trojan brief was signed off, the main design was to decrease lug soil penetration for the Agricultural Industry. This was achieved through 200 years of combined technical experience, Australian soil knowledge & Pattern Innovation.

  • Excellent Flotation Characteristics     Lower soil displacement under high loads across all working speeds
  • Premium Tread Compound     Designed for multi-purpose soil application use whilst maintaining a lower tread surface distribution
  • Wider Footprint     Suited for all flotation applications such as haul out bins, headers & chaser bins
  • Progressive Tread Depth     Best of both worlds, flotation & traction without compaction
  • Multi Block Tread Design     Developed with wide grooves for wet & dry applications
  • Controlled Flat Crown Shape     The flatter the crown, the better the performance under all conditions
  • Single Wire Bead     Continuous high tensile wire wrapped to suit high load applications for strength and non-slippage
  • High Body Ply Turn Up     One of the Harvest Tyres core principles is to design a higher flex point tyre with a softer footprint
  • Thirty 13 Degree Lugs Per Side     Tread designed for free wheel and/or driven applications
  • Tubeless Fitment     Allows for Trojan casing to have flexible movement in un-even soil applications
  • Multi Directional Tread Design – Forward & Reverse     Keep your traction and flotation the same whilst allowing for ease of cornering in tight locations
  • Large Centre Tread Block With Even Space Grooves     Designed for hard soil and/or road applications






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